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In April 2020, I joined the CSAA IG UX team as a UX designer. I worked on Mobile MyPolicy, SmartTrek, corporate responsive website, Mobilitas and supported the design system designers. 

After four months, I started working on the new quoting platform EZQuote, renamed to MyQuote. The new online quoting platform will encompass work to support Auto and Property products. This new platform supports all CSAA products with the capability for consumers to bundle the products.


UX and Visual designer

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My role

As part of the UX team, I collaborated with designers, engineers, and stakeholders on the redesigning experience, MyQuote, 
a consumer-facing online quoting platform that supports Auto and Property quoting.

Delivered wireframes and end-to-end flows and solved complex UX problems in MyQuote (EZQuote): editing a quote, driver/vehicle assignment, updating the monthly premium, editing quote summary, bundle, and bind.

Designed visuals for desktop and mobile from ideation to launch. 🚀

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While working with other designers, I went through a UX design process that included competitor analysis, whiteboarding, research, rapid iteration, and user testing of designs.

Previous online auto quote

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Previous online property quote

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Our team created designs for a responsive desktop and mobile web that collects a user's details, provides adjustable insurance quotes, and guides the user through purchasing auto and property policies online.

  • We documented user flows and built agreements with stakeholders around requirements.

  • We worked on creating storyboards, wireframes, and prototypes on Figma.

  • We worked on the UX, and visual designs for the quote flow

  • I worked with UX Researchers and tested the auto and property quote visual designs in our weekly DLUR (Designer Lead User Research) sessions. I used insights from the DLURs+Business requirements to make iterative improvements on an ongoing basis.


MyQuote: Auto and Property online quote

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