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Red Senses Typographic Poster Series

This project is for exploring existing modern typographical ideas and techniques and attempt to expand on the typographical range. The task is to investigate the communication of content and the emotional qualities of text.

The red color never was my favorite one, and I chose it because I wanted to see where it will bring me and what would my project look like. I wanted to challenge myself and try to get out of my comfort zone where I use usually yellow or blue colors.

This project helped me better explore my creativity and learn new techniques in visual design. I would say that this class and project was one of the best ways to learn how to convey a message through words and objects. This is an essential skill for graphic designers to be able to convey the message and create a powerful visual connection. I paid high attention to details that were used for the posters. I did lots of research and experiments to design the final posters that I’m happy with.

I really enjoyed the creative process of the assignments. Also, the project and the process of creating some posters helped us get out of computers and work manually.

I learned that it is crucial to pay attention to the background, colors, light, and typeface when you're creating a particular visual mood or message. Designers must be able to create a specific design and mood that would powerfully convey a message. Moreover, I asked my family and friends to describe to me what do they see and understand from my posters. Thus it helped me improve some posters that didn’t work well. I wanted my posters to be clear to everyone, and I would not explain what I wanted to convey.

red senses.jpg
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